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I love AcuPlus and have found Nina to be a life saver. Couldn’t recommend the girls enough!
— Janet
After my first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage acupuncture and the team at AcuPlus helped me get back on track both physically and emotionally and prepared me for my third pregnancy. I am now the proud mother of a healthy eight month old. Acupuncture to me was an essential part of carrying my baby to full term
— Lynn

Had a badly frozen shoulder, could hardly move it and shooting pain when I did. Went to AcuPlus and two hours after first treatment movement came back and pain reduced by 80%. Two more treatments and it was back to normal. Amazing. Also heated treatment beds were a lovely touch! Couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
— Liz
I highly recommend the acupuncture treatments at AcuPlus. I really like acupuncture in general and have now discovered cosmetic acupuncture! Dr Liu Bing has great experience and is full of advice. Cosy treatments rooms and a comforting cup of green tea offered on arrival are a bonus!
— Kristelle
I really notice a difference after the first few sessions. My skin felt firm and really glowed. My sister commented that my jawline looked more defined. Nina is so lovely and welcoming and doesn’t just treat the face. The sessions have helped my digestion and reduced stress. I cried during one session after a stressful period in work. I felt such relief afterwards as the bottled-up emotions had released. I will continue to use cosmetic acupuncture as a natural way to deal with ageing - for both mind and body.
— Debbie
I attend Nina frequently for acupuncture and can’t recommend her treatments enough. Always feel revived after each session.
— Dr Catherine-Anne
We struggled to conceive for 7 years before we had our twin boys following a successful round of IVF. To say that our time with AcuPlus made the difference is an understatement. Having undergone 4 previous rounds without success we knew we had to do something different this time and acupuncture seemed to be the answer. The care and understanding we received from Nina was second to none. We put a huge amount of trust in her and she seemed to know what was going on in my body almost intuitively. I’m sure it was because of Nina I held onto pregnancy despite a very rocky start when the odds were stacked against us. I actually went on to get pregnant again naturally just 14 months after the twins were born - again I believe the acupuncture with Nina was what got my body in the best condition for another wonderful pregnancy. Busy house here with 3 boys under 2!!
— Anna
I attended AcuPlus in the months leading up to my pregnancy. Nina worked wonders for me in terms of regulating my menstrual cycle and helping to reduce my stress levels. Seeing Nina on a regular basis helped me to feel proactive, relaxed, acknowledged and nurtured through what can be such a stressful time in the journey to pregnancy. She was always willing to offer advice and answer any questions I had regarding fertility, outside pure acupuncture, for example in relation to exercise, food etc. I always had so many questions! She is very reassuring and knowledgeable. As I had previously suffered from miscarriage, I have kept my acupuncture appointments at AcuPlus since becoming pregnant. It has not only helped me to avoid another miscarriage but has also relieved morning sickness, reduced my anxiety and improved my general well-being and confidence during this pregnancy. Nina and Ciara always welcome you with a smile and it feels good to arrive in such a warm, friendly and professional clinic. I cannot recommend AcuPlus highly enough for anyone planning to become pregnant.
— Gillian
A very welcomed bonus to getting acupuncture treatment for other issues was the improvement in my skin. Slowly people started asking me ‘what skin cream are you using?’ as my skin lost its dullness and revealed an inner glow. I hadn’t changed a thing in my skin care and I was about a month into acupuncture treatment. My super sized eye bags and general overall facial puffiness started to disappear as my circulation improved revealing the actual shape of my face. Also the calming of my blotchy red cheeks started to disappear as my internal inflammation came under control. Resulting in me saying goodbye to my old heavy industrial foundation that I had used for years to hid my red skin. That’s why having seen the indirect facial benefits I’ve said no to the fillers and facial freezers and going the cosmetic acupuncture route and very happy I have.
— Barbara
I was in my late 30s so I was a little bit older trying for a baby and naturally I was a little bit worried about my fertility. Nina at AcuPlus has so much knowledge and experience in this area that she put me at ease. After my treatments I was so healthy, relaxed and positive - this is the best way to be if you want to get pregnant and it worked!
— Emma
I could not recommend the benefits of acupuncture highly enough but particularly the knowledge and expertise of Nina in AcuPlus in relation to fertility issues. Nina is an extremely intuitive acupuncture practitioner. As well as that, however, a significant feature of her expertise is that Nina knows when to refer you on for tests/other treatment if necessary as she has qualifications and insights on the medical side. This is unique in this area of alternative medicine. Nina’s expertise in the fertility area is top class and she is someone I really trust. I believe that myself and my babies have benefitted hugely from acupuncture while trying to conceive, during my pregnancies as well as the birth process and beyond.
— Marian
I was 38.5 weeks pregnant with breach presentation and my midwife referred me to AcuPlus. I had two sessions over three days and I cancelled my third provisional appointment as baby turned :)
— Aoife
AcuPlus are a fantastic option for parents looking for a healthy, effective alternative to traditional medicine for their kids. The team are brilliant with children and made every visit fun for my daughter, so I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.
— Emer
Having been through years of medical appointments with specialists and countless hospital A&E trips with my son Oscar, we discovered Nina. He was on the maximum asthma medication recommended for his age (and then some!). He was sent for testing for Cystic Fibrosis which was thankfully negative. Nina worked intensively on him for a number of months and don’t think he’s been to hospital since, at least not with respiratory issues. He no longer takes any inhalers, having been on two. He plays rugby, tennis, hockey and whatever else takes his fancy! When we went back to see his specialist he was stunned by his progress after years of little or no response to the medical treatment. He said we no longer needed a follow up appointment because Oscar had been so stable for so long. Now if he is run down or chesty we visit Nina for treatment again and also take on board her dietary recommendations for him.
— Ruth
I attended Acuplus in the run up to the birth of our baby. I found it really helpful in preparing for a natural active birth. I also had some acupuncture after our son was born. We had difficulty with breastfeeding. Acupuncture was really beneficial for us to increase my supply and assist in resolving pain and tension. Dr. Nina is a fantastic practitioner. I would highly recommend Acuplus to all mothers
— Heather
I attended AcuPlus for acupuncture to assist with labour. I had been due to be medically induced but there was a very strong chance the induction would fail as baby was high and cervix closed. I had my last session with AcuPlus 2 days prior . I felt the sessions really did help the baby to drop. I actually went into labour the next morning and the contractions continued all day and baby was born naturally at 9.30am on the day I was due to be induced. Thank you so much for all your help!
— Juliette
I felt a difference within 20 minutes. My mind felt clearer; my body relaxed; and my short, tight breaths had been replaced by deep, soothing ones.
— Grace
AcuPlus is my haven of choice to restore health and tranquility when unwell. I am as important to Nina and Ciara as they are to me. I am welcomed as a friend, I am individual and important, my first healing step. Dr Nina Bing Liu has a unique, innate skill of identifying my condition and once she applies her healing touch through acupuncture I am on the path to recovery. Nina over many years treated me for chest/sinus infection. Low on energy and body pains. I give AcuPlus five starts with huge thanks and appreciation.
— Paula
Dr. Nina and Ciara are the most amazing. I went to see Dr. Nina to help with my acne on my face and she helped me with so much more. I’ve had 4 sessions and each time my skin feels better and I feel better internally. She’s done so much fantastic work and I’m so grateful. I’ll definitely be back.
— Caoimhe
That was the best half hour of my week!
— Brian
I saw Nina regularly last year and my also husband came for treatment a few times. I’m now 7 months pregnant and so far so good - hopefully it will continue well! I think the sessions with AcuPlus helped to regulate my period and the advice I got was really helpful. I would recommend AcuPlus to anyone needing help with fertility. I am sure I will be back again on number 2!
— Cathy
From the moment I came into AcuPlus (just midway through the cycle before the one in which I conceived) I was so impressed as Nina was able to push that cycle out from the very short one I had the month before to a more standard cycle which I think was key in my success in conceiving in the first ever month of trying! Then just after I ovulated in January, Nina was able to tell me that she suspected I was pregnant even though it didn’t show up on a pregnancy test until 10 days later or indeed with my GP for 14 days so it just shows how strong Chinese medicine is! During these early days I came to AcuPlus 2 or 3 times a week and I am confident this helped me hold the pregnancy. Since then I have looked forward to all my visits which I found so relaxing ( I would often have a little snooze) and experienced no morning sickness which I put down to the acupuncture. All in all I had a dream pregnancy and I would recommend AcuPlus to anyone who will listen!
— Sarah